The Halo 5: Guardians beta is entering its final leg before going back into hiding until this fall. As we mentioned in our pre-beta preview, each week will bring something new to the table. Here’s what you can expect starting now.

In addition to Slayer (playable on Truth) and Breakout (on Crossfire and Trench), 343 Industries is adding a third mode. Stronghold is a variation of traditional capture point modes.

The first team to 100 points wins, but only the team in control of at least two nodes can score. Stronghold will be playable on the Regret and Empire maps.

343 Industries is also adding some new weapons, including the sniper rifle, the rocket launcher, and the energy sword. The special version of the Elite sword, Prophet’s Bane, also returns.

This week also sees the introduction of Pegasus, a fan-voted map created with current Forge tools. You can see an image of it above and check out the map in-game. For more, check out our Test Chamber of the new Breakout mode. The beta ends on Sunday, January 18.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

Our Take
While 343 stumbled with The Master Chief Collection, its approach to the Halo 5 beta seems methodical and comprehensive. This title is exceedingly important for Microsoft and the franchise, and I hope that it comes together well. I’ve enjoyed Breakout mode, and I’m interested to see if it redefines the way players think about the series.

 the author Mike Futter