Ludacris on ‘Furious 7’: Paul Walker ‘Would Have Wanted Us To Finish It’

Ludacris on 'Furious 7': Paul Walker 'Would Have Wanted Us To Finish It'


Recently, the rapper and actor Ludacris opened up to Billboard about the upcoming Furious 7 movie and the difficulties of filming after the death of Paul Walker in 2013.

Ludacris (born Chris Bridges) wants to correct what he calls “a big misconception” about Furious 7: namely, that much of the movie was filmed without Walker. “He completed a good 80 percent of the film before he passed away,” Ludacris explains to Billboard. “After that it was very hard, very difficult. We shut down production for a couple month in order to get everybody straight, the mourning process. Then when we returned, we realized that he would have wanted us to finish it and carry on his legacy in the right way. That’s what bonded us together and kept us strong and made us finish the film.”

by Crystal Clear