At PAX Prime 2014, we had the chance to sit down with Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to discuss Terra Battle. The free-to-play mobile title has been a success, with 2 million downloads to date.

His studio, Mistwalker, has been honoring the promises of the “download starter” (think a Kickstarter campaign, but solely based on downloads) since then. Fans have unlocked new music by Nobuo Uematsu and additional characters designed by a number of familiar creators.

Now that the 2 million mark has been reached, development of a console game is underway. When we spoke with Sakaguchi, we learned that the living room installment won’t be the same as the mobile strategy title, though.

“Mobile games evolve over time, but console games are finished when players are done with them,” Sakaguchi told us. “I see [the mobile game] as more of a fluid structure.” Mistwalker doesn’t plan to stop growing the game, with more modes and additional collaborations across titles coming in the future. The console game may, in fact, take the shape of an MMORPG.

To celebrate the milestone, players will receive an energy point every day. A live concert recording of in-game music is also now available in the app via the options menu.

Finally, the promised strategy guide will be released in Japan on May 22. Plans for release in other territories are pending.

Our Take
Despite the free-to-play model, Terra Battle is an extremely engaging game with gameplay that is perfectly suited to a mobile device. Not every mobile title is worth your time, but I’d recommend at least giving this one a chance.

the author Mike Futter,