Blizzard is taking the opportunity at Gamescom to announce the next step for World of Warcraft. A new expansion will be revealed next week via live stream.

There are two different opportunities to find out more about what’s next for the long-running MMO. On Thursday, August 6, at 9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern, you’ll get your first look at the new content.

Then, on Sunday, August 9, at 8 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Eastern, developers will be chatting about the expansion. Live stream details will be posted on Blizzard’s dedicated Gamescom page when available.

[Source: Blizzard]

Our Take
If this hints at a ramped up production schedule for World of Warcraft expansions, it might help even the peaks and valleys of subscriber numbers. Warlords of Draenor (our impressions) saw the game reach the highest volume of paying players in years, and if this add-on drives the same enthusiasm, it’ll be another good year for Activision Blizzard.

the author Mike Futter