Marvel Heroes’ players have spoken. After surveying fans for the next hero they’d like to see join Marvel Heroes 2015, the X-Man Magik teleported to the top of the list as the winner of the game’s first community fan vote.

Colossus’ magic-imbued little sister uses her Soulsword to cut down adversaries and can also summon minions of Limbo to aid her in combat. Magik’s dark magic bestows various buff and debuffs, and she’s also capable of creating teleporation discs to instantly warp herself or enemies around the battlefield.

Magik’s hero pack is available now for pre-order. Doing so nets you a 10% discount upon release (the date of which isn’t specified), plus two costumes: her default Marvel NOW outfit and the magical soul armor.

That’s not all. Spider-Gwen, the alternate universe Gwen Stacy possessing spider powers, can now be purchased as an enhanced costume for Spider-Man. Check it out below.

You can purchase both pieces of content by visiting the Marvel Heroes 2015 store page.

the author Marcus Stewart