The 2002 PlayStation 2 game has a new platform it can call home with a surprise PC release.

Surprise! Rez Infinite out NOW for PC (desktop & VR) at special $19.99 price w bonus DLC! 

The game, which has been ported to a number of platforms since its original release, including most recently, PlayStation VR, is now available in its Infinite form on Steam and the PC VR platforms Oculus and Vive. You can watch us play a little of the PlayStation VR version of the game here. You can also check out the trailer for this version of the game which boasts 60 FPS gameplay and 4K resolution below.

[Source: @enhance_games]

Our Take
Rez is one those games that just seems showing up on new platforms as time goes on. That’s certainly not a complaint, though. It’s an awesome game. Hey, remember that time they made a sort-of-sequel to it for Kinect and no one really made much of a fuss about it? That was weird.